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Shooting Glasses for Shotgun

From the Creators of Hunters HD Gold® comes Hunters HD Ruby®!

The ultimate choice for Shotgunners!

ALL the same benefits as Hunters HD Gold - Trivex Lens Material, Photochromic, Medical Ruby Dye, Anti-Reflective Coatings and Each Lens being manufactured one lens at a time.

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Trivex® lenses allows more light to pass through the lens than polycarbonate lenses.

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Identify your target faster and with more accuracy. Get more contrast in low light.

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Light knowledgeable lenses give you the best advantage in any shooting situation.

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Our goal is simple: To offer the best hunting & shooting advantage available on the market.

Since we opened over 40 years ago, we have produced the best possible lenses for optometrist and ophthalmologist around the United States. We are proud to have a solution for competitive shooters, hunters and outdoorsmen that want to have the best vision possible indoors and outdoors.
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Hunters HD Gold travels all over the United States. Highlights of shooters are on the Hunters HD Gold YouTube Channel. Subscribe today!

Check out this discussion by Richard Mann with Geoffrey Wayland PH in South Africa where WILDCraft: South Africa was filmed and sponsored in part by Hunters HD Gold.

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Ambassador Nate Gibson

Nate Gibson

Dysart, IA USPSA, Steel Challenge, RCSA, SASP
Ambassador Bill Masaru Urquhart

Bill Masaru Urquhart

Spring Lake, NC / Upland, CA USPSA-Prod/CO, Steel Challenge-Prod/CO/RFPO
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If you see a Hunters HD Gold tent at a match, here's what it means...
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If you see a Hunters HD Gold tent at a match, rest assured you can try on a pair of Hunters HD Gold to use for the match!

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If your gun or gear breaks, Brian travels with all of his personal guns and gear for shooters to use to get them back in the game.

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At every match, Brian has something to give away. Make sure to stop by and register at EVERY Match!

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